Packing Guide

 All screens must be carefully packaged. We recommend individually wrapping screens to ensure there is no damage in shipping for LCD recycling.

  1. Place them into boxes or clamshells to protect the flex cables.
  2. Make sure the flex cables are flat and extended and package them in a way to prevent bending. The flex cable is where most screens get are damaged during shipping which decreases the lot yield and customer payout.
  3. Place the screens into the box facing the same way.
  4. The box must be padded with proper packaging. Place bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper between the screens and the box to prevent the screens from bouncing around in transit.
  5. If customer payout is less then $15, $0 will be issued to cover our shipping and labor costs.

Shake Test: After packaging the box, give it a gentle shake. If you hear or feel items shifting around, repack the box to avoid screens from getting damaged during shipping.